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Every day (well, every week day) I will consider a different topic which I hope you will enjoy and join in with.  Mondays will look at intention – setting my intentions for the week; Wednesdays will be my contribution to Amy Palko’s Beautiful Beliefs Project and Fridays will be devoted to reflecting on the past week and expressing gratitude for the gifts we’ve received.

4 thoughts on “About Karen

  1. Hi Karen, I found your blog through a tweet and then another blog post and am glad I did. I read your post on resolve -something I seem to lack – what you said I totally related to (apart from the AD – lol!), I guess I am at a point where you were 3 years ago and its just confusing and the doubt, who knew there would be so much doubt once you committed to something. I am still like a headless chicken. I tried to post a comment on your actual post (14/07/2012) but it told me it was having issues with that, and that was all before I had even written anything! I hope that you have a great break and I am glad I found your blog. Phew! That was a bit long.

    • Hi Kate, sorry you were unable to comment on my post – I have discovered that there is a problem with spam and I need to find a way to get rid of it! I’ll pop on over to your site and introduce myself! The only thing I can say to you is ‘stick with it and you’ll get there’ although, as the name of the blog suggest, I seem to be permanently a work in progress! Keep reading – trust that you’ll know what’s right for you (not necessarily straight away!) and it’s fine when you grow out of a blogger or facebook/twitter friend – that just means that you’ve moved on to a different place. Safe journey Kate – I hope to see you again!

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