Letter to Amy

from The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today I pulled one of the cards from my Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards deck and came up with The Owl – deception and wisdom.

Reflection suggested to me that the owl (like any animal) has an innate wisdom – it does what it does and it doesn’t do what it doesn’t do. So, if it was a person, it wouldn’t think ‘do I need to eat this mouse, or will it make me fat so that other owls think I’ve got a big bum?’ Nor does it not try something because it’s worried that if it goes wrong other people will mock it. The fledgling owl doesn’t say ‘I’d better not try to fly because I might fall, or miss the branch when I land and then I’ll look stupid or foolish’. He’ll starve if he doesn’t learn to fly, or eat that mouse. Coque pour Huawei And so, he makes mistakes. And he learns. coque iphone outlet shop Until one day he jumps from the branch and soars – and when the time comes, he lands. The mistakes are what have taught him what he needs to be an owl. His wisdom is that he inherently knows his purpose.

Maybe he has an advantage over us mere humans. He doesn’t have language or the concept of comparisons. coque samsung pas cher Oh, he can compare a rabbit and a mouse and recognise that the mouse will make a good sized meal, but the rabbit might just be a bit much to handle, but he doesn’t think that he’d better go for the rabbit because then he’ll have the biggest and the best. He goes for what he needs. He knows that when he needs more, there will be another mouse. He doesn’t worry that when he catches his mouse some other owl is going to come along and say ‘well, you didn’t catch that properly did you? You should have soared a bit higher, dived a bit quicker or looked for a mouse that was the right kind of mouse’. He knows that in the end he has his dinner and that’s what he needs to do.

The lovely Amy Palko is currently suffering some angst over her blogging. She feels that she’s not doing it often enough, well enough, big enough – in fact, she’s not even sure that she should be doing it at all. coque pas cher samsung s8 And there’s that horrible word ‘should’. She is comparing herself to a standard that she believes is ‘out there’ and feels that she is not meeting it.

So Amy, I believe that your purpose is to shine your light. To illuminate the way for others. If you do that through regular blogs, infrequent blogs, long blogs, short blogs or no blogs at all, that’s fine. coque iphone for sale As long as you continue to do it.

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