I Believe 10

From the Heart by Robin Davis

I believe that it’s not always easy to speak your truth. coque iphone

I have been encouraged by the many articles I’ve read recently about authenticity. About speaking one’s truth, about holding space for what is important and sacred for you, and about maintaining one’s integrity. I want to be in a place where I can do this.

I believe that authenticity is a huge part of self love and self care. I believe that it is about understanding what is important to you – your values, your dreams, your principles – and holding space for these things in your life. Holding space by making sure that there is time to incorporate these things, by valuing them sufficiently that you carry them at the forefront of your mind and by respectfully giving them priority over what others might think.

But, I also believe that others, too, have the right to do the same. Coque huawei Pas Cher We all have different perspectives, opinions and values, and we all have a right to express these in the way we live our lives. I believe that I have a responsibility to respect the values and opinions of others – not necessarily to agree with them, but to hold them in an open hearted way that allows me to embrace all of who they are. Coque iphone I want to be able to understand that their experiences of the world are not the same as mine and that as a result of this, the things that they find important may be different from mine, and that the way they express these values and perspectives may not be the same as the way I do.

Finally, I believe that words and behaviour can be used in a manipulative way. They can be used to hurt and wound. When someone causes you to hurt, it is human nature to lash out and try and make them feel pain too. You want them to experience what you are experiencing. coque samsung galaxy You want them to know and understand how badly you feel.

But sometimes it seems that there is a fine line between speaking what is true for you as a means of self care and authenticity, and being hurtful. This is something I experienced this week. coque samsung prix I was hurt and wanted explain my feelings based on my experiences, but also to understand where my friend was coming from, but I could see that my words were hurtful – and this was something that I did not intend.

I believe that there must be a way to speak my truth, to express my perspective without disrespecting others who feel differently.

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