I Believe 9

I believe that sometimes in the spirit of self love and self care, we need to cut ourselves some slack.

I am tired. Over the last few days I have struggled to sleep at night. coque samsung s8 The energies around during the run up to the full moon upset my sleep rhythms. I have a desire to produce quality blog posts and at the same time be available to spend quality time with Tech Guy on his days off work, or with Awesome Daughter Number Three who is now on school holiday. I have made a commitment to producing three blog posts a week and have been asked by the wonderful Kathy Sprinkle to produce a post for her website, Bliss Habits, which I am totally delighted to do! In addition I have been planning for a week’s holiday, organising the production of a variety of greetings cards and preparing for a graduation. On reflection it doesn’t seem like I’ve got all that much to do, but when my body and head are crying out for sleep that doesn’t want to come, it becomes a mountain.

Awesome Daughter Number Two, Tech Guy and Me!

Yesterday Awesome Daughter Number Two graduated from University. We attended a lovely ceremony and watched so many young adults preparing to move on to the next stage in their lives. coque iphone pas cher Beautiful classical architecture surrounded us. Vente Coque samsung Families dressed in their finery, bedecked with cameras to capture the moments. Pimms being served on the lawn, followed by a departmental reception to celebrate the achievements of their own students. Mortar boards flying. Proud parents.

Then out for a celebratory dinner. Joined by other family members, grandparents and best friends. Wine, food and conversation flowed. Plans made for the summer to come and reminiscences about times past.

But this week, it’s all taking its toll and as a result I am completely washed out. I have enjoyed, or am looking forward to each and every one of the above activities, but because I have been so tired they have become more difficult than they should.

However, rather than beat myself up about all the potential failures, I choose to be kind to myself. coque samsung galaxy I choose to prioritise and order my tasks, to do the important ones and to leave the others or find a way of making them easier. Today I show myself some self love and cut myself some slack. coque samsung a8 2018 I’ll be back tomorrow energised and ready to go!

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This post is published as a contribution to Amy Palko’s Beautiful Beliefs Project.

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