Gratitude Friday

Last week I talked about recognising what the important things are in amongst all of the angst of a distraught daughter. Well this week there has been a huge turnaround. Coque huawei Outlet On Wednesday I heard the four words we all long to hear – “Mum, you were right!” Now, I understand that as Mums we are pretty much always right, but it’s nice to have it recognised!

“Ok,” you ask, “what were you right about?” Well, all through Awesome Daughter Number One’s challenge to land herself a permanent teaching job, I have maintained that whenever she is turned down it’s because the perfect job hasn’t yet come up for her. Perhaps the age of the children don’t fall into her preferred age range (she likes to teach eight year old and above), the geographical location of the school would make it difficult for her to commute, it might have classes with a high number of children, or she might find it difficult to get on with certain of the head teachers. Achat coque huawei pas cher I have always been sure that the perfect teaching position would come along for her and asked her to trust that it would happen. I know that when you feel like everything you have worked for is conspiring against you that trusting is the hardest thing to do, but that is the time you most need to do it! And so “Mum, you were right” signalled the end of this particular journey for her – a job in a lovely school, with the right size of class, the right age group and, what sounds like, a lovely head teacher. All right!

On top of this, Awesome Daughter Number Two, who has also had her challenges – four years of working a job to finance her way through University and many hours in the Lab or the library has resulted in a Class 2:1 Honours degree in (wait for it…) Biomedical Sciences specialising in Physiology! Another BSc in the family! She graduates next week and I’ll be there, heart swelling with pride!

Then, as if all this wasn’t enough, Awesome Daughter Number Three came home with an envelope full of certificates! The Lower School prize giving takes place during school hours and parents don’t get to attend, and so, unexpectedly, she came home with seven Merit Certificates, a Gold Award (one of only six in her year) and a Certificate of Achievement for a project that she and a group of classmates took part in over the year to investigate the efficacy of a Biomass Plant and which they presented to two sets of judges!

How can I not be grateful for the blessings I find in my daughters! I love that they are so much more than I was at their ages. They know their own minds. coque iphone pas cher They know how to think for themselves. They seem to know exactly who they are. They are all building successful lives of their own. coque samsung pas cher And the amazing thing to me is that they come to me – for advice and support. Coque huawei Equally amazingly, they highlight to me many lessons that I need to learn (usually unwittingly) and so, while I am able to support them on their journeys, they support me on mine.

So, Thank You girls.

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