Intention 3

Reflecting on my Gratitude post last week, I have realised that I live so much in either the past or the future – in my ‘stories’ – that I miss much of what is happening now.

At the moment I am sitting in a coffee shop while I wait for the car to be repaired – I don’t know what is wrong, but I’ll worry about that when I do! I love the ambiance of this coffee shop. Coque huawei It’s cosy and always feels friendly. It sits in what was once Montrose jail and still has the three-feet thick walls, low doorways and recessed windows. coque iphone for sale There is a stone floor and lovely old beams support the roof. I can hear the low thrum of conversation and snippets of them as the voices of the people around me occasionally rise or burst into laughter, and I can smell the scent from my chamomile tea and the beginnings of today’s home-made soup (sweet potato and red pepper). coque huawei pas cher I walked here in a roundabout way from the garage, doing errands on the way and I can feel the tingle of my muscles not used to moving so much. I feel the softness of the cushion that I’m sitting on and I enjoy the flow of my pen as it moves across the page recording these thoughts. coque telephone samsung Outside, it’s a beautiful warm, sunny day and the cool water that I drink is refreshingly welcome before I have my tea.

All of this is in the ‘now’.

With this in mind, my intention this week is to stop and smell the roses. To bring myself back from future or past, what might or might not have been, and focus on what is in front of me. Right here.

5 thoughts on “Intention 3

  1. Ooooh, I AM joining you, Karen – thanks for the invitation!! I’m sitting right here with you drinking my morning coffee – NOW – and enjoying the now!

    Interesting about your coffee shop being in “what was once Montrose jail” – it sounds so lovely. In my area there’s a museum (Michener Museum) in what once was the Bucks County Jail (where I occasionally worked) – I love that places which you’d think would hold negative energy have been re-loved into places of peace and replenishment!

    Thanks for this reminder to be in the NOW – it’s one I need often!!

  2. Thank you for a moment of mindfulness, Karen! I was so busy in my little zone, writing away… It was refreshing to stop and refocus on the breath and being in the middle of the day. I do my yoga & meditation practice in the morning, but sometimes I slip into the busy-ness of day and love to have reminders like this! Thank you. :o)

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