Gratitude Friday

Well, it’s Friday and since gratitude has been playing a large part in my life recently, I thought that this might be an appropriate opportunity to reflect on the good things in my life!  With this in mind I’d like to make this a regular feature here on the blog – Friday Gratitudes – a chance to reflect on the week that has passed and to consider what is good in my life.  I’d love you to join me in expressing gratitude for the good things in your life!

When life is challenging and difficult, it’s all too easy to focus on the negative.  However, this way of thinking can just pull us into a spiral that can ultimately result in depression.  What helped me to break this cycle was to begin switching my focus to those things in my life that were good.  They didn’t have to be big things – a really good cup of coffee, the intense colour of the flowers in the garden or the tiny detail in the markings on the birds at the local nature reserve – but they could be as huge as the love I have for my husband, the admiration for my daughters or the beauty of the full moon!  There is always something to be positive about.  One friend has a son who has challenges – but finds joy in his smile, another lives with a frail and demanding parent – but appreciates her time on the beach with her dogs.  When we change our focus, life seems better.  We can even change our perspective on the challenges we face if we can see these challenges as lessons which, when learned, will enhance our lives.

And so, today, I express my gratitude for my unstintingly supportive husband; my beautiful, accomplished daughters; Amy Palko whose Beautiful Beliefs project has had a huge impact on my life; learning to trust that I am good enough; the rain – because without it we wouldn’t appreciate the sunshine and oh, remember that cup of coffee….?

My cuppa!

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